3 thoughts on “Another important related debate rises …

  1. I was listening to John Wilnsky (via IT converstaions) who is more thoughtful and interesting view on this experts, learning and education.


    As an academic, Wilnsky thinks there is new style of learning emerging that traditionalists have a very hard time understanding. Gromans position is too focused around the authority of the material, rather than the learning styles or education possibilities that the digital world creates. Gorman seems more worried about the recognition of experts rather than improving the way the world learns.

  2. This is an interesting debate.

    Perhaps it shows my age but I tend to go to traditional “expert” sources if I want information that I know has been rigourously interrogated, that’s based on learning, experience, etc eg like the BBC for news or from blogs by experts in their fields. However, I enjoy the clamour of individual amateurs on the web – some of whose voices add to the debate in interesting and useful ways and others don’t, that being the nature of things. What is overwhelming for many people is trying to get to the useful stuff given limited time in our increasingly busy days.

    I think it’s mistaken to see the digital world as a silver bullet. It’s a tool that can support whatever you’re already doing in teh real world whether it’s teaching, engaging students, communicating with customers etc

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