It’s not complicated, it’s just hard.

I was about to write a blog expressing … a bit of frustration with some work I am doing.  I sat down with my trademark white sheet of A3 paper and Sharpie and it struck me that what we were trying to do wasn’t actually that complicated at all.  It was really quite simple.  The problem was – it was asking a lot of people to do something different.  That’s what makes it hard.

So I was going to write a blog about it.

Cue serendipity – the planner who helped with some breakthrough thinking is a chap I have long admired named Russell Davies.  I haven’t followed his blog for a while – bad move.  I was trawling yesterday and, yes, as expected, he got there a long time ago.

Awesome – and it includes a video from Jerry Seinfeld, which is always good value.  Enjoy.