PR and Internal Communications

LONDON – The quote says: “Internal comms is one of the fastest growing areas of PR. For major corporations, ensuring their employees are engaged with the company and its objections is a business imperative.”

PR companies eager to extend their offers have frequently ventured into change and internal communications.  Some do it well, but the majority tend to deliver pretty ordinary, and often very tactical and over-spun, internal communications (note the ‘s’) masquerading as engagement.

Happy to debate this one, but when someone says “PR’ in the same sentence as “employee communications” it is usually a sign of business opportunism rather than credible competence.

At least in my experience. 


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2 thoughts on “PR and Internal Communications

  1. Hi Kevin, I assume there was nothing personal intended in these remarks as we have never worked together nor do I assume you’ve spoken to the many clients I’ve worked with? I’d be happy to debate the merits of Lansons or indeed PR companies getting into this space. I’m currently on a family holiday (but felt compelled to respond). Perhaps over a beer or coffee in the new year?

  2. Hi Scott,

    No, of course not. H&K well-known to have a well-developed engagement capability. My observation is more about the fact that there is often more of a business opportunist drive by PR agencies eager to find new revenue streams without having invested in appropriate capabilities. Clearly Lansons is in the “right” camp with your move. It’s just that all-too-often “old school” PR methodologies and thinking is transplanted into employee engagement as a bolt on.

    I’m actually a proponent that PR can and should be playing a far greater role in employer branding, talent acquisition and engagement than it currently does. There is as much opportunity (if not more) for PR agencies in that space than in the internal space … but few seem to understand that as they rush to tack on “internal publics” to their repertoire…

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