With thanks to Dan Gray where I stole this from.  He’ll forgive me.

Yes, the time has finally arrived to announce publication of a sixth 55-minute guide, courtesy of one of our favourite chums and fellow Commscrummager, Indy Neogy.

It may have been rather longer in the making than we’d have hoped, thanks to the heavy workloads of all involved, but like the Guinness ads used to say, good things come to those who wait. We have a sneaking suspicion that When Culture Matters could end up becoming our most successful guide to date.

Anyway, enough pre-amble. Here’s the back cover blurb to whet your appetite and, if you like the cut of its jib, then make a beeline to Amazon and order your copy now!

The HSBC ads make it sound so easy – just don’t show the soles of your feet in Thailand and you’re half way there. If only communicating effectively across cultures were that simple. As the irresistible force of globalisation meets the immovable object of local cultures, a whole host of pitfalls is lying in wait to trip up the unsuspecting business. Thankfully, Indy Neogy is on hand to guide you through this potential minefield, providing a wealth of practical advice on everything from global brand architecture and international marketing to internal communication with groups and individuals. All this in a book you can read from cover to cover in under an hour – which has got to be good, regardless of your culture’s orientation towards time!


“Perfect… I highly recommend this guide.”

Daniella Cross – Research In Motion


“Highly relevant and accessible.”

Dan Stevenson – Microsoft Corporation


“Should be read by all members of an organisation.”
Skaiste Sruogaite – Proctor & Gamble


“Provides clarity, actionable guidance and inspiration.”
Sarah Bogue – Ernst & Young


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