Klout: klumsy, algorithmic but on the right track

I’ve been fascinated by the world of algorithms – google, Facebook, particularly linkedin – and while the maths are quite complex, if you’re good at spotting patterns then you can rather quickly, for example, get your LinkedIn profile to the top 2-3 search results you want for your network.

(As an aside, it’s quite illuminating to monitor who views your LinkedIn profile whenever you monkey with it, e.g. editing skills and job titles.  I suspect if Facebook had that functionality it would grind to a staggering halt!)

So when I got into Klout it was my algorithm curiosity and a dash of ego/competitiveness that drove me.  It was fun and you can quickly rack up your score artificially, and (haven’t tried this yet, but might) clearly if you cooperated with others you could game the system.

So, have a look at this Wired article for a good pod about what ideas like Klout are really bout.


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