“Brand and Talent” – a term that is here to stay

CLERKENWELL – About 5 years ago I proposed a new name for the “people” or “employee engagement” and “employer brand” bank of capabilities at my then-agency based on the working title of a 55- Minute Guide I was writing.

Brand and Talent” as a phrase (in this space) was born.

But My God the resistance I encountered!

Subsequently trying to get the label to stick as a global practice area took influencing – “No one knows what you’re talking about” was a common theme.  But with some robust executive support we prevailed.

Interesting how a quick Google search reveals the term is now entering common trade industry usage, with Deloitte, RPC and many employer brand and engagement pros adopting it, all starting to use it to describe the employee relationship communication arena. The links have long been there, the ideas aren’t new, but having done a pretty exhaustive search I am reasonably certain that it’s a phrase that wasn’t (used in this context) before 2004.

What’s in a word? With the employer brand and employee engagement industry surprisingly bouyant, but all too often grasping for a new way of talking about themselves and what they do, you will be seeing it a lot more.  It’s here to stay.  And it’s about time.


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