The Higher Ambition Leader

LONDON – This month’s HBR has an insightful article in total keeping with the zeitgeist of this blog and the CommScrum movement – yet another example (after BCG, The Economist Intelligence Unit, McKinsey, Macleod et al).

In short, savvy CEOs are prioritising employee engagement – among other things.  The article cites some great examples which you can read, but what I find interesting particularly given the recent slew of client briefs matching this zeitgeist – is this:  The way to win is to pick something, drive it hard and don’t water it down; the way to lose is let every little fiefdom in the organisation pick and choose and infight for its share of voice.

That’s not to say the effort shouldn’t be collaborative and deeply engaging before, during and after its inception, development, realisation, launch and continuing operation.  It is to say if a savvy CEO detects turf protection and empire building, it is now, more than ever, evidence of something that will stifle growth, profit and innovation.

Have a look.  Subscribe if you need to, it’s worth it.

– Kevin


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