Competence vs Confidence, redux

London – Has it really been 2 months since I posted?  Egad.  Victim of my diary!

Just some quick thoughts on the COMPETENCE vs CONFIDENCE topic that was debated a while back on CommScrum … I lead a global practice called “Brand and Talent”  for MSLGROUP (part of Publicis Groupe).  This practice ties together our offer in employer branding (talent acquisition) and employee engagement (talent development and management) across 24 countries.  We recently met in Stockholm for our first global practice meeting.

First, it was fantastic to have all of the team in the same place at the same time – people from North America, India, China, France, The Netherlands, Nordics, and points in between.

Second, each market had its own challenges and levels of maturity and sophistication – not to mention cultural and employment market dynamics as you would expect.  More on this in an upcoming post!

Third, each and every person in the room was a competent, well-skilled communicator able to tackle audience segmentation, measurement, message mapping, storytelling, social media, leadership communications, change management, etc. — even if they might not claim great strength in some of the areas.  But the real outcome of the 2 day (3 day for the die hards!) sessions – some of which focused on technical processes and methodologies, and some of which were more strategic in tone – was that we built up our confidence as a Practice – that we are speaking the same language, using the same tools, sharing the same mindsets when it comes to servicing our clients.

While that might sound basic or fundamental to a professional service organisation – trust me, it is not always the case.  I have been part of other big global networks who claim capability when all they really have is a dot on a map and an agency they bought there.  What’s exciting to me is to be a part of a truly global practice with a  team “on the same page.”

Most of them will have worked together on some of our global accounts in some way or other – but, in this age of mediated social communication, it’s refreshing that face to face is a premium driver of CONFIDENCE.


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