Nokia memo: two learnings

See here:

Learning 1 – sometimes a leak is just a leak. This is different.  This is a frank and honest leadership communication to employees that, make no mistake, was released on the assumption it would go external.  So it adds credence to the dissolving internal/external silo mentality CommScrummers bang on about.  This was distributed to all staff.

Learning 2 – it fits the emerging zeitgeist that old-world spin is no longer a valid approach to leadership communication.  This memo is a call to action.  It’s not a fluffy engagement campaign attached to an annual survey aiming to measure a 1% improvement in discretionary effort of employees.  The proverbial burning platform that might just galvanise behaviours in a way no tribal social media campaign or town hall meeting with worksheets ever could (not that those might be good follow us…) 

It would be good to see more like it.  Interesting to see how it progresses … watch this space.


One thought on “Nokia memo: two learnings

  1. Nokia deserves a lot of credit – and at the same time, what else could they do? They are getting their asses kicked, and none of this should have come as a surprise to anyone looking at something other than a bottom of a bottle of Finlandia.

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