Great ways to enhance anxiety

ISTANBUL – So, I arrived Friday and stayed at a nice 5-star hotel in Sultanahmet, the historic quarter.  I felt secure, safe, walked around at will.  Yesterday, I changed hotels as my client is putting me up at the Ritz Carlton.  Which I must say is very nice.

But there are big barricades out front where they check for bombs under your car.  And they scan your bags when you go in an out.  I’ve experienced this before but thought it was quite interesting.  Clearly they are protecting VIPs (like me ha ha) but all the security seems to draw more attention to the place and makes me feel like I am in greater danger of getting blown up by a car bomb, not less danger.  I’m suddenly acutely conscious that all my fellow guests are probably the people car bombers want to blow up.

No one would car bomb my other hotel.  Which had a lovely Turkish bath in my room.  Or maybe they would.

Just a thought, anyway.


One thought on “Great ways to enhance anxiety

  1. Funny isn’t it? All these security measures actually end up making you feel less safe rather than more. Out and about in Riyadh, I’ve never felt unsafe for a single second, yet return to the compound, and it’s like a scene out of Colditz!

    First a security checkpoint and bomb search. Then a 100 metre slalom course of concrete bollards (like something out of an advanced driving school), at the end of which is another bloody great security gate, manned by two blokes in camo and a BFG. Then, and only then, do you gain access to the compound, which is totally encircled by a mass of concrete and barbed wire.

    All this arsenal does is stir up the stupid little voice in the back of your head who can’t resist asking who or what must be out there to warrant all this stuff! (That, and whether it’s there to keep the undesirables out or to keep them in!)

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