More evidence that C-level ambitions for the “people” functions aren’t the wild goose chase some would suggest

A communicator in the CEO role at SONY.

Marketing, PR and IT people heading leading media and communication groups.

And now, Kellogg’s hires who do become their new head of HR?

(Drum roll please) …. Karen McCormick, former Chief Executive of Cheshire Building Society (see People Management  news).

Soooo … I guess there are some imteresting implications and inferences that can be drawn from this:

– Mile-deep, inch wide specialists – whether in internal communications, HR or wherever – will hit a glass ceiling

– The development of broader business strategy and commercial skills will provide opportunities to enter C-level leadership roles

– Or the opposite – the specialists will simply hit the glass ceiling because of a lack of these skills and external commercially minded folks (with less functional expertise) will become their bosses.



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