Great new project!

Timely article I just wrote for People Management…. as ….

SAS has been selected to work with the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) on an exciting new project.  It’s about raising the profile and attractiveness of HR as a career and moving it from its current perception of being repetitive, bureaucratic and dull to a more accurate (in most cases) reflection of how vibrant an HR career can actually be.  What a great opportunity to put some of this systems thinking malarky into action!


4 thoughts on “Great new project!

    1. Thanks Indy. This is great. Same thinking – deconstruction – on Internal Comms could be great grist for the CommScrum community and bring some new insight?

      And congratulations Kevin. I did some work for the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations (CCHRA)a few years ago. Interesting and challenging for sure.

      1. Oh, I think I’ve mentioned Work 2.0 before [by Bill Jensen]. It’s a great primer for thinking about the role of internal comms and hr. A must read for anyone coming anywhere close to the workplace. Cheers.

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