3 thoughts on “Why motorcycling around corners as fast as possible in the rain makes you a safer rider

  1. Good points, competence really only enables to cope with the sort of situations we know may happen. Confidence enables us to tackle those which surprise us, bridge the expectation gap and allow us to grow.

  2. Funnily enough I have an almost identical motorcycling experience which helped me in things like moving from full-time journalist to full-time digital marketing/part-time journalism etc.

    About 4 years ago I worked for a major motorcycling publication, and was lucky enough to get sent over to Wales to do the BMW off-road school. I spent 2 days learning from 2 very talented Paris-Dakar racers and falling off on dirt tracks etc…

    Knackered on the final day I had to get back to the office (About a 4 hour+ ride), on a borred CBR600, so I finished up and shot off from the training ground on the rough concrete road.

    Unfortunately I missed a turning, shot over the crest of a hill, and faced a steep track covered in stones and gravel… but rather than crashing I managed to repeatedly lock the brakes and release them to slow down, stay upright, stop and haul the bike round after a big sigh of relief.

    Literally before the course gave me more confidence I’d have been guaranteed to crash, but afterwards I was able to handle it fine…

  3. Indeed! I did the same course too and totally agree. Maybe there’s a lesson in transferring skills across disciplines (road to track to offroad and back)…

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