The Talent Journey – book now out

My new book is out, at last … have a gander.

The Talent Journey

The Talent Journey is the 55-minute guide to employee communications.  It covers pragmatic fundamentals of communicating with people before, during and after their association with your organisation. You can buy it on and  Slideshare version here.

Praise for The Talent Journey

“The title of this book could have been ‘No B.S.’  Kevin has chosen to give a simple, insightful guide to employee communication.  He has the incredible talent of making complex things simple to understand and suggesting solutions that are easy to implement and effective.  Everyone should read it.” – MAURICE LEVY, Chairman and CEO, Publicis Groupe

“I was once told there are two types of people – those who make simple things complex, and those who make complex things simple. I was told to love the latter. As such I love the talent journey. It gets you thinking, it doesn’t preach or prescribe, it’s adaptable. Useful for any CEO, or those working with a CEO, who realise the value of an engaged, active work force, living out brand values.”
–  SIMON FRANCIS, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA


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