Event on 8 April – joined-up employee engagement

Event: Left hand, meet right hand. Now, shake.

Moving beyond functional silos to get more for less in employee attraction and communication globally

Breakfast Event – 8 April 2010 – Andaz Hotel, London
Featuring case studies from Siemens & The Coca-Cola Company

It’s now 15 years since a causal link between employee engagement and business performance was statistically validated, with research and case studies piling higher every day. Why, then, do so many organisations continue to struggle with attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent? The answer, our research has shown, is more often than not in the failure to effectively join things up across functional lines who believe they alone ‘own’ the employee communication agenda.

This event will provide insights and inspiring food for thought about how you – whether you sit in brand, marketing, HR, internal communication, recruitment or change management – can take a fresh look at how to get more from your efforts in employee communications. Global practitioners from Siemens & The Coca-Cola Company will share their experiences of  tackling the sometimes daunting challenge of crossing silos in order to get greater impact from their investment in employer reputation management through the entire employee experience.

This, the third of our knowledge-sharing breakfasts of 2010, marks the launch of the global Brand & Talent Network™ – a group of over 10 agencies around the world, building and sharing capabilities and best practices to benefit clients who need global perspective matched with local market and audience insight and delivery.

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Welcome to the world of brand and talent
Olivier Fleurot, Chief Executive Officer, MS&L Group

In a world of democratisation of technology, increasing cynicism and declining trust, what is the role of employee communication in reputation management? Olivier believes employee engagement is one of the three key priorities for CEOs today, and shares how MS&L Group is responding with the creation of the Brand & Talent Network™ – the world’s first truly integrated global employee communication service.

How joined-up thinking about “The Talent Journey” can create business value
Kevin Keohane, Global Head of the MS&L Group Brand & Talent Network / SAS Client Partner

Leading MS&L Group’s global Brand & Talent Network™, Kevin will present a romp through his new book, The Talent Journey, that should appeal to anyone who has a finger in the employee communication pie – from attraction to talent management to HR to Marketing to internal communications to change management and beyond.

Joining up international external and internal communications
Vera Janssens, Vice President, Corporate and Marketing Communications, Siemens South West Europe

Having managed both the HR and corporate communications of a multinational, Vera Janssens shares her personal view on the importance of internal communications as part of genuinely integrated corporate communications where employee engagement sits alongside external stakeholder communication. Vera shares her experiences of integrating internal and external communications to maximise business impact.

Creating an authentic, joined-up employee experience
Stephen Mulvenna, Talent Manager – Europe, The Coca-Cola Company

Creating an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) within a complex franchise system and one of the world’s most recognised brands is a formidable challenge. Stephen shares how The Coca-Cola Company has created an authentic, relevant and differentiating EVP, and how they have joined up the ‘external’ EVP with the ‘internal’ employee experience. He will share insights into how the business is leveraging social media to influence its reputation as an employer.


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