Leading IC Pros Launch “CommScrum”

Mocking the extra-polite culture pervasive within the internal communication industry and recalling the varied rugby careers of its participants, four leading communication pros have launched CommScrum—a co-operative blog dedicated to “Full Contact Internal Comms.”

Joining Mike Klein in the initial crew are Dan Gray, Kevin Keohane and Lindsay Uittenbogaard—fellow co-authors of the Gower Handbook of Internal Communication—and practitioners known for strong opinions, international experience and innovative work.

The initial effort raises the question of whether internal comms practitioners need to take on a more multidisciplinary orientation—and whether IABC as a leading professional organization is likely to help or hinder that process. Commscrum aims to publish at least monthly—and can be found at:



One thought on “Leading IC Pros Launch “CommScrum”

  1. Fantastic! Thanks to Mike Klein for inviting me to this group. I’m a strategic communications planner in Minneapolis in the US, working with B2B and medium sized B2C corporations to implement integrated, holistic strategic planning with communications at its core. In the new Social Internet employees will be the face of the company, and integrating “the walk” will become twice as important as “the walk.” (And to think I once wanted to make television commercials for a living, wow…)

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