Innovation = different things + different things

“Why is there so little innovation in internal communication and employee engagement?”  was the question.  My  answer is, “Because most internal communication and engagement associations are inwardly-focussed.”  We tend to follow trends, not create them (example: social media).

A great example of the kind of thinking our profession needs is this example – from Coca-Cola.  In short, when you own 70% of the soft drink vending machine market and your approach hasn’t really changed in a lifetime, where do you look for inspiration?  I suspect many IC peers would look at other soft drink vending operators and ape what they are doing.

Coca-Cola looked at medical devices.  You know, things that mix substances with water to dispense medicine for diabetes or chemotherapy and so on.  The result?  The next generation of vending machine that serves more than 100 products.

I know, I am ranting against my industry.  You’d be used to it by now.  The thinking that got us here won’t get us somewhere more interesting.  Maybe TowersPerrin will go buy Linkfluence, but I somehow doubt it.


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