6 thoughts on “If you’re going to navel gaze, why not look at someone else’s?

  1. Hi Kevin, Happy to join the Revolution, not sure about the evolution. As GK would say Revolutions are about creating Evangelism: the process of transforming vision into a cause and getting people to share that cause. It yields step change, it sustains itself, it grows. So what’s the vision?

    1. The elimination of “Internal Communications” as a specialist discipline?

      I’m joking, of course. I guess the vision is to create a movement of new-generation practitioners who are business people in communication instead of micro-specialists – or communications people in business. Not to be ageist, though; there are plenty of “older” folks who do get this… and others who think they do, but really they don’t.

      I feel that I sound as if I am attacking the profession, which really isn’t my intent. It’s more about stepping outside the booth at the convention. Or going to a completely different convention… Or creating one.

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