A couple recent delightful experiences

Quick kudos to two companies.

One, recently featured in McKinsey Quarterly, from Alessi.  I ordered a kettle from them, one that features two tune pipes that play a pleasant un-tea-kettle-esque tone when the water boils.  It arrived and one of the tune pipes didn’t seem to work.  So I typed my issue into their website’s “open” CONTACT US area… and within 4 hours had a response; Alessi had already arranged UPS to collect the faulty one and issue a replacement, expressing their disappointment about the kettle and how delighted they were to be of assistance. 

I’ll buy from them again.  I’ll tell people about it.

Two, from VLM airlines.  I was scheduled to fly to Antwerp the day after I flipped my motorcycle and went to A&E.  Didn’t cancel my flight, and when I emailed VLM they said that as a NO SHOW they could not offer a refund or transfer.  So I called their customer service line and explained my situation.  They came back to me and said, “We don’t normally do this, but as a valued customer …” … they let me re-book the flight at NO additional cost.

I’ll buy from them again.  I’ll tell people about it.

People = brand.


One thought on “A couple recent delightful experiences

  1. Awesome. More evidence of our favourite “value disciplines” in action? Can’t be many better examples of “customer intimacy” than your VLM case – some bright spark recognising the potential lifetime value of your custom, and having the authority to decide in your favour.

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