Stop talking about it already and do it

I twittered the other day that there are no more “social media” gurus since that would now be like being a “printing press guru” – slightly passe. 

Like so many things, it’s easy to run a round to conferences and download endless (sometimes mindless) podcasts chasing the holy grail of a learner’s certificate to go and do it.  I remember sitting in a “social media” conference years ago where the large overbearing ogre of a presenter was practically bullying the audience into admitting they knew nothing about social media – when in fact at my table most knew as much as, if not more, than he seemed to.  Particularly given his star case study was a power company in Iowa or something like that.

People get too caught up on channels, however new they are.

Flash forward and I don’t think there is a single project I’m working on in the people communication space that doesn’t entail some sort of “social media” activation. 

We used to just call it communicating.

[On a cool note, Publicis just connected up SAS with Linkfluence, one of our agencies who are mapping social media nodes on the internet. Yep.  Inspiring and amazing stuff.  Soon we will be able to find out where the key influencers hang out and where their audiences hang out, thanks to some good questions and some well-coded bots.  We call that Audience Intelligence(TM).]


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