Like a kid in a candy store

It’s not too often that you get the opportunity to craft a strategic brand positioning, brand attributes, creative expression etc. from scratch for an established organisation. 

I had the privilege and opportunity to do that last year.  Now the client has given me a blank sheet of paper to create Values and Behaviours, and to help craft a new competency framework.

It’s so much easier to do these things when you have a blank sheet of paper. 

I wonder why more organisations don’t try to achieve this sort of thing more often.  Of course, there will always be heritage and legacy issues to deal with … but it’s so much harder (and time consuming, expensive and disenfranchising to someone) to try to adapt existing constructs than it is to create something CURRENT and RIGHT.

Perhaps now is the time to throw babies out with bathwater and re-group, given the economic climate and erosion of trust, etc.


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