5 thoughts on “Simplicity, specialisation, complexity, strategy … a theme emerging

  1. I think you are right. I think that the boffins had control of the agenda in the Y2K debacle and appear to have in this credit crunch stuff too.
    If only they could understand Kevin, that with you and I in control everything would be so much better!

  2. Kevin, you and David are too right. If you haven’t read Daniel Pink’s book “A whole new mind” I’d strongly recommend it. Really gets you thinking about the implications for Communications. There’s definitely something going on here even if it isn’t exactly clear. Cheers D

  3. Yet another step in our ongoing conversation on authenticity, simplicity and the like. Of course, I agree with you entirely, and sincerely hope you’re right. At 6’7” and the wrong side of 17 stone, my weight in platinum would make for a pretty tidy sum!

  4. I hope you’re right; that’s exactly my favorite kind of work! I just need to better market the fact that I can do so.

    I’ve spent my whole career looking for bigger and bigger problems to solve. But I keep hitting a ceiling on the size of the problems that I’m given. Maybe that means I need to find my own (BIG!) problems to solve, devise how to solve them, and then ask for the opportunity. Hmmm…

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