New ideas, please

In the past month, I’ve encountered blog postings and articles and seen/heard about presentations on the following topics:

– Email etiquette (wouldn’t information fatigue syndrome be a more interesting expansion of this?)
– Nonverbal communication (it would be interesting if someone actually publicised the fact the the whole 70%/30% statistic is a misinterpretation of the original study everyone quotes with such enthusiasm)
– Why PowerPoint is so evil (how about not bashing the software and sharing some great presentation examples?)
– Non-core business philanthropy masquerading as CSR
– The business value of employee engagement
– Cross-cultural communication tips featuring such gems as the Chevrolet Nova’s failure in Mexico

Interesting … like, 5 years ago.  Flogged to death … like, 3 years ago.  The Nova example is STILL USED and is celebrating its 40th birthdday in a junkyard near you.

Surely we as professional communicators have some newer insights to share than THIS?


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