Step away from the [insert practice]

About two months ago I was in the Brecon Beacons in Wales on an BMW offroad motorcycle course.  Near the end of Day One I had what seemed to be an innocuous spill. Alas, I tore a ligament in my right thumb and by the end of Day Two had well and truly detached the thing entirely.

So, as I am now just about able to pick up a fork etc., I got back on the bike for a quick ride.  It was great.  I was riding better, more alert, enjoying more than I remembered before the spill.

I think there’s an important message here, at least to me.  We have to find a way to step away from the things we do, we enjoy, regardless of how “good” we are at them.  Because that distance to come back to things fresh is so important.

Apologies if I wax too philosophical these days – the moral of the story is, I’m away to Morocco on hols and hope my eyes are re-opened to my profession when I return…

Sayonara for now, brown cow…


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