The Tipping Point Is Toast

Great article in Fast Company.


One thought on “The Tipping Point Is Toast

  1. Toast? No way. This research dealt solely with a researcher’s inquiry into the speed and pathway generated by market trends through some computer modeling.

    It in no way addressed the impact of connected and influential staff in shaping the flow, resonance and credibility of organisational communication–which are also key elements of Gladwell’s Law of the Few which I believe clearly applies to organisational communication.

    To be sure, the Law of the Few merits some serious testing in organisational contexts, but the way to test needs to involve mapping of real social networks and communication flows in organisations and assessment of source credibility. Random flows through computer models are unlikely to prove sufficiently toasty here–and indeed, I’d say that the top-down-one-size-fits-all model of organisational comms would end up burnt and crumby when it’s all over.

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