Annual Top 5 Predictions for 2008

Last year it was three, but Top Ten sounds too much like hard work, so here are my predictions for the landsape I survey in 2008:

 1.  Monolothic brands operating in heterogenous (e.g. global) environments are going to have to flex their guidelines and rules if they are to succeed in the employer brand space.  We’re going to see more variation in expression of corporate brands.  Otherwise they cannot differentiate and appeal to specific people segments.

2.  Employer brand will become an embedded and specific role in smart organisations to overcome the inertia created by the internal communications – human resources – marketing impasse that many experience. 

3.  Developing economies will move even further into the centre stage of opportunity.

4.  There will be a social media backlash as people grapple with the issues around work-public-private boundries.   It will not be a severe one. Second Life will lose momentum and new niche players will devour their market with more focussed/segmented/pragmatic offers in the social media space. 

5.  We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of the subprime fiasco and its long-term impacts on the global economy.  Combined with 8 years progressive mismanagement of the U.S. economy, it will not be an easy year and there will be some profound longer-term issues, making this election a poisoned chalice.  Although the exchange rate is great from a UK perspective…


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