Social media is as old as the echo

Mike W and I had a conversation a while back that was about the blogosphere really being about echoes.  Few truly new ideas are presented – but it’s about them spreading like echoes or ripples on water.

This is different from an amusing thing that I got the other day.  The MD of a former employer dropped his “contact list” an email asking “Do you have any ideas for my upcoming blogs that would interest you?”

Maybe it’s generational, but how can you not get it by such a stunningly wide margin?

Oh well.

And finally, people should remember social networking started when the guy with the cave hooked up with the guy with the fire who knew a guy with a stone axe.  It got so named in the 1950s.  Ditto social media (cave paintings) and even social computing (I at least encouraged an international holiday resort call centre team to share experiences, tips and destinations online back in the 90s. It was just using the web to share knowledge back then).

Curmudgeon have I become?

Perhaps.  But please can people stop the hype, the posturing, and claiming invention or ownership of things that are as old as the hills?  (FridayI saw some WPP company had put the TM sign after the word “Voltage.” And it wasn’t a typographic treatment.).

I have a bridge over San Francisco Bay I’ll sell you, cheap.


2 thoughts on “Social media is as old as the echo

  1. Kevin,

    Thought you might like to see OUR version of the social media cave.
    Ragan has just launched a new site for communicators—a Facebook for the internal and external communications industry.

    You can see it at

    We are now beta testing it, but anyone can come in and register and begin interacting. It takes about 90 seconds.

    Yes, some people don’t get it—actually, I find that many communicators are still a bit behind the curve, We figure our MyRagan site will be a slow build, but will eventually be very helpful.

    We’d love to have you….thanks for a great blog.

    Mark Ragan
    Ragan Communications

    P.S. How much do you want for the bridge?

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