Desert island discs

Saturday night. Whiskey Macs. No, the f*cking iPod doesn’t negate this.

I painfully leave out Leon Payne. I clingingly drop, with more disappointment than any other left-off artists … I abandon Patsy Cline. Then Sarah Vaughan gets knocked off (and I will burn in hell). Woody Guthrie … more sentimental than anything, but he’s gone. And Squeeze gets squeezed. How could I leave off Pet Sounds? The Beatles? Hank Williams … let’s not get started.

It’s my list. And it’s today’s list, not yesterday’s or tomorrow’s.

Like life, these things change. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, Desert island disks:

  1. smitten – the martinis
  2. blood & chocolate – elvis costello
  3. surfer rosa – the pixies
  4. mutations – beck
  5. here be monsters – ed harcourt
  6. ram – paul mccartney
  7. priest = aura – the church
  8. california – mr. bungle
  9. the convincer – nick lowe
  10. has been – william shatner



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