Wikipedia – Brand Engagement

Just spotted that Brand Engagement on the Wikipedia was empty, so I made a semi-valiant first stab.  So, in the spirit of the social convergence CGM blogospheroid, go forth and be fruitful.

As Max Kalehoff notes, since it’s a loaded term it might not work out, but what the hell; I started the wikipedia entry for SOMETHING.  (and it was a shame that Giant African Land Snails was taken already).

The Giant African Land Snail, or GALS, (see this site) is an amazing creature.  I was duped into taking a couple home from a party years ago and have had a big pair for abour six years now.  And a second generation snail.  A couple have died, and they create 100s of eggs every couple weeks that I distribute around parks and open spaces in London in the hope of a GALS epidemic that never seems to materialise despite my apocalyptic vision.

Sid and Nancy, my main snails, have been stalwart (if slow) companions for a long time, and my then-fiancee, now-wife fell in love with them too.  They are gentle, sweet, fascinating, harmless and slimy ceatures that love a good bath now and again.

Take care.


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