Engagement points of entry

I was in beautiful San Diego for a Leadership Institute, and that last post was so long I thought you could use a break.

I’m planning to add to this post later, but as a place-holder want to discuss the points of entry that work — and matter — for effective employee / stakeholder / brand engagement.

Want to help build this list – with the caveats (1) I know it isn’t complete (2) I know many people see it differently and organisations manage it all differently (3) Yes they mostly overlap and (4) wouldn’t it be nice to have a list like this at all?

  • Human Resources
    • Employer brand
    • Employee experience
    • Performance and reward
    • Training and Development
    • Recruitment
    • Induction
    • Benefits administration
    • Leaving the organisation
    • Mentoring and career support
    • Recognition
    • Discipline
    • Organisational Development (I know, could have its own bucket)
  • Information Technology
    • Online experience
    • Intranet
    • Collaborative working & social media
    • General IT support and training
    • Remote working
    • User participation in IT development
  • Marketing
    • Brand learning
    • Brand engagement
    • Brand management
    • Product/service design involvement (users/partners/staff)
  • Management
    • Devolved decision making — e.g., Globally Adaptive Organisations
  • Internal Communication
    • Leadership communication and behaviour
    • Manager and team leader communication and behaviour
    • Peer to peer communication and behaviour
    • Planned communication
    • Crisis communication
    • Group vs. Region vs. Local communication
    • Measurement, feedback and action planning (qualitative and quantitative research)
  • Corporate Communications
    • CSR
    • Media Relations & PR
    • Stakeholder Relations
  • Sales/Customer Service

    • Retail experience
    • After sales experience
    • Support experience
    • Delivery experience



3 thoughts on “Engagement points of entry

  1. Nice one, Kevin: Great stuff coming out of the box.

    On the IT side, would say “user participation in IT development”; marketing–would include a bit about product/service design and involvement; internal comms would include “qualitative and quantitative research.”


    Mike Klein

  2. Hmmmm….I’m not sure if I’m getting the request right but the words that are coming up for me that may have a place on this list (in some places or many places…or even within some of the words already there) are:

    Authenticity (can be in many of the categories); respect and acknowledgement; appeciation for whole person (not just their work-self); pervasive experience (not ‘silo’d); core values fully and consistently expressed everywhere); connection/community; inside-out; vision and purpose; inspired leadership…..UTOPIA? LOL….but worth working towards.

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