Sublime to …

You have to love consulting. It has its David Brent moments. Someone once said “Never allow anyone to film consultants or creatives at work” and I couldn’t agree more.

We’re working with a client who are undergoing a global change to their IT function. The function has been through several initiatives and names, etc., so are keen to re-align things with the new global brand etc.

After several long conversations and debates with some of the finest minds available, the staggeringly sensational and nigh-Utopian name for the IT function has been agreed and a paper is being written on the relative benefits, merits and risks/issues with the new name.

The new name for the IT function is (wait for it):



3 thoughts on “Sublime to …

  1. Don’t know if you saw it, but there was quick a similar funny one where filmed themselves doing a pitch, which they posted online (publicly) to the client (Subway). Get out the cringe-o-meter and watch this

    It spawned almost universal derision. Whether you believe the post-rationalisation that this was all a considered genius noise generating machine – they did succeed in make themselves look like idiots. Moral of tale? Navel gazing is rarely interesting…

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